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“One quick question.  Since I am unfamiliar with the real estate market in the US I would like to know if I can expect a “discount” if I will pay cash for a property? A one-off payment?”

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Regarding your question about getting a “discount” if you are paying cash for a property. Please keep in mind that every home that is for sale and on the market has a certain amount of negotiation room built into the price. Depending on the listing price this could be anywhere from 2% to 10%.

The fact that a home buyer is paying cash for a house doesn’t really get the buyer any additional discounts. In reality, every offer that is made on a house is ultimately a “cash” offer to the seller. Every seller gets cash in the form of a bank check from the title or escrow company that is closing the sale.

If a buyer is getting a mortgage from a bank or mortgage company the seller is still getting a check or “cash” at closing. The only difference would be in the time it would take to close the transaction.

A true “cash sale” where there is no mortgage lender involved can close in as little time as a week or two. If a mortgage lender is providing the funds for the buyer to close then it usually takes a little longer to close.

Where a true cash offer can really benefit a home buyer is if there is a multiple offer situation where a buyer is competing with another buyer for the same property. Since a seller can only accept one offer on his or her home, most sellers will always want to work with a true cash buyer over a buyer that is getting the money for the purchase from a mortgage lender. A true cash offer takes the contingency of a mortgage approval out of the picture. A true cash offer is always a much stronger offer.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Steve Hatfield


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