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Having been a full-time professional Realtor® for over 25 years,  I have seen many home buyers get wrong advice and basically end up completely stressed out, disappointed and upset because they didn’t make the right decisions.

I hope that by outlining some key points below, you will benefit from my many years of experience and as a result, end up  having a smooth and rewarding home buying experience!

Selecting a buyer’s agent:
Unless you completely luck out when you call on a home and get that 1 great agent out of hundreds…you better do your homework!

Buying a home should be a happy time not a stressful one.

Buying a home should be a happy time not a be a stressful experience!

The complexities of today’s home buying processes should not be taken lightly and quite frankly, the captain at the helm of your ship needs to have many years of experience and be HIGHLY QUALIFIED. Anything less than that and your ship may just sink before you pull into port.

So, select your agent wisely! I have been selling homes for many years in communities from Dearborn, Canton, Plymouth, Northville and Novi to downriver communities like Allen Park, Southgate and Taylor Michigan (and many communities in-between). I feel that I’am “highly qualified” and have the knowledge and expertise you’ll need throughout your home buying process.

My friend/relative is a real estate agent:
Honestly, I have never seen people taken advantage of more or get the worst deals more than when I have seen someone work with a real estate agent just because they are a friend or family member. Not to mention some of the strains on relationships I have seen unfold!

Taking the advice of friends and family:
The real estate market is not like it was even just a few years ago and it is still constantly changing. Not that your friend or relative would have anything but the best intentions by offering their advice, but truly, a few purchases or home sales really doesn’t qualify someone as an expert as their experience is simply limited. When you find a great Realtor ® who is honest…that’s your best resource for accurate information.

A private home inspection:
Would you be amazed that many real estate agents would try and talk you out of getting a private home inspection? It’s true and the reason is that they don’t want to lose a sale.  It is always recommended that you get get a private home inspection (you make your offer subject to that item). If you do run across a situation where a home does not meet your expectations/needs as a result of the findings of a private home inspection, My thoughts are that it is better to find out now so you don’t get stuck with a “lemon”. If there are major issues with the home, we can always find you another home!

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage:
This is step #1 before you begin looking for homes…not the other way around. There are many important reasons for this. I would be happy to help guide you further in regards to this item if you were to work with me as your buyer’s agent.

Relying on home data you find online
Not all online home data resources are accurate and the last thing you want to do when you buy one of the biggest investments of your life is to rely on potentially inaccurate data! Only a competant real estate agent can advise and provide you with the most reliable and accurate data so you can make informed decisions.

If you are in the market to Buy a home or if you are planning to Sell a home or real estate in Dearborn MI, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, Westland, Redford, Livonia, Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Novi, Farmington, Allen Park, Taylor or any one of the other Detroit Michigan west side suburbs, Contact Steve Hatfield today.

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