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Steve Hatfield ABR, CRS

Shortly after starting my real estate career in 1987  I came up with a basic business philosophy. This business philosophy was and still is, to offer superior real estate service on an individual basis in order to develop a loyal customer base. These customers would not only consider me their personal real estate agent, but would also have the confidence to refer me to their friends, relatives, neighbors, and business associates.

25+ years later, and with over 100 Million Dollars in home sales and numerous achievement awards behind me, I still subscribe to the same original philosophy. As a result, year after year over 70% of my total business comes from either repeat clients or past client referrals.

My thoughts re: computers and the Internet

I was introduced to computer technology, email and the Internet in the early 1990’s. Back then I was looked upon as a total geek by most of my peers in the real estate business. Very few agents locally or nationwide for that matter were embracing computer technology or the Internet in the early 90’s.

I saw something in computers and the Internet that most agents at the time didn’t see. I saw change and I saw opportunity! It was obvious to me that because of computers and the Internet the real estate business was going to change in a very big way.  I also knew wanted to be on the front line of that change.

I really realized that I was onto something when 5 weeks after launching my first web site in April of 1995 I received an email from a guy who had just been hired as an engineer at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn. He informed me that he had found my web site on Infoseek (one of the original search engines) and wanted me to help him find and purchase a home. Talk about making my day!

Over the years I’ve made a substantial commitment in both time and dollars to computer and Internet based technology.  I have found that this investment in technology has given me a substantial competitive edge in my profession and has also become an integral part of my business.

I’ll add more to this as time permits.

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